Artist Profile:
Known By: dhomolerdog | Shepard | Huskyfur | Kirito Tatsuma
Artist Type: Photographer | Cinematographer | 3D Modeling

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In my real life:
Hello there, I am an owned pup in Upstate NY. I do leather, rubber, latex, and bare skin forms of play. I love the scene and love being a pup. I work in computer support.. Out side the tech world practice photography. You may find me on the web as I am most places. When you do find me wave and I shall answer if able.

Steam: huskyfur
Second Life: fluffy torkelsonn
furaffinity: fluffytorkelsonn
Twitter: Pup Shepard

YouTube: Pup Shepard: Pup Shepard

Simple Silicon: Simple Silicon

CGI Village: CGI Village

My Technology:
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